Eating chocolate can reduce hunger.. and increases mood along with lowering stress.. That’s a big thumbs up from us!!!


What percentage chocolate should I be buying, and how much should I be eating daily?

A. Dark chocolate might just have a place in the health food aisles, but as you have already figured out, it needs to have a considerable percentage of cocoa solids to earn its status as a health food. You ideally want to aim for a minimum of 70% cocoa solids, and eat around 7gm (two squares) daily. For optimal benefits, check out raw chocolate, which has been processed at low temperatures and typically doesn’t contain refined sugars.

Raw chocolate has higher levels of flavanols, the constituents responsible for the healthy effects of chocolate, than regular dark chocolate. White chocolate contains no flavanols (and I hesitate to even include the white stuff in the chocolate category!), milk contains minimal flavanols, and dark contains the highest amount.

Food scientists found the flavanol content doesn’t increase significantly between 70% to 100% dark chocolate, but are sensitive to oxidation and alkalinisation which is likely the reason behind raw chocolate being richer in these plant polyphenols that assist in the metabolism of glucose and blood pressure regulation, fight cell damage, boost brain performance, and may even help to curb junk food cravings.

Dark chocolate reduces hunger and lead to a greater feeling of satiation. The raw cacao bean has 300 to 400 chemicals. Chocolate enhances levels of mood-elevating endorphins in the brain. It also contains magnesium, which can help muscles to relax and help in stress reduction.


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