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3 Day Juice Cleanse

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We all need a little detoxification once in a while! Our juice cleanses are perfect for those who want to kick start a healthier lifestyle while enjoying great tasting, easy to drink juices.

This raw gluten and dairy-free programme is ideal for those with busy lives who want to detox and feel lighter naturally.


When thinking about a Juice Detox, what I have found works best is to take it in small steps. Start with changing your eating for just a few days — with a 3-day juice cleanse — and it is remarkable what positive transformation will follow.

The 3 Day Detox is our Basic Detox in which you can detox your body in as 3 days. This consists of 4 x 330ml juices for each day and one of our Turmeric Root Shots for each morning.



**All our juices contain naturally occurring sugars from fruit. We also have a diabetic friendly Detox range of juices, please specify when you are placing your order.

The Discover Juice Detox consists of drinking only our juices each day along with water and herbal teas. This is designed to fit into your office routine or hectic schedule.

We would also recommend taking part in light exercise during the Detox to help flush out the toxins. All of our juices are power-packed with nutrients and vitamins to maximise your potential for wellness and brain clarity during and after your Detox.

“After a juice detox, you should feel refreshed, energised, and focused. You may even notice you sleep better and crave better foods, initiating new long term health habits.”


Juicing is the best way to feed your cells as all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This consumption of only juices for the desired amount of days also gives your digestive system a much needed break too.

***All our juices are gluten-free, dairy-free and 100% vegan

Typically a couple of days notice for orders will be sufficient. These couple of days are spent sourcing only the freshest ingredients and make sure only the best quality of fruit and vegetables are juiced through our machines.

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Storage of Juice Bottles

Your Juice Detox will arrive fresh and you will have the option of freezing them if you want to start your Detox at a later date. We know that life does get in the way of our goals at times so if something happens then you can Freeze your Detox until a day that suits you.

We would recommend you freezing your 5 Day Detox and 7 Day Detox, this will keep the nutrients intact during each day of your Detox as the Juices do begin to perish after a few days. So make sure to allocate some freezer space for this.

To defrost just remove from the freezer 24 hours before you plan to drink them. So if you are planning to start your Detox on a Monday then take out the Carrot Gold, Popeye Green, UP Beet and Emerald Gold from the freezer on the Sunday morning, simple.

Additional information

Day 1

Carrot Gold, Popeye Green, Up-Beet, Emerald Green

Day 2

Carrot Gold, Popeye Green, Up-Beet, Emerald Green

Day 3

Carrot Gold, Popeye Green, Up-Beet, Emerald Green

4 reviews for 3 Day Juice Cleanse

  1. Dympna Barret
    5 out of 5

    I did the Discover Juice Three Day Detox in January. I had four juices for each of the three days. I had read the advice Stephen had provided in advance. I found that very helpful. It also focused me. The first day was probably the hardest, weaning myself off the coffee, bread etc. Day two got easier and on day three the detoxification process had begun to take root. Stephen’s words of encouragement on his Facebook page were also inspiring. The taste of the juices is very pure. You know your body is going to benefit. The level of energy I felt on completion was very high. I did feel lighter and I found myself smiling much more. Definitely mood-enhancing. I find the Discover Juice products of a very high quality, not mass produced but instead made with care and successfully aiming to please.

  2. Nora Britton - Donegal
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Well the only thing challenging about the 3 Day juice Diet was not giving into the Temptation of the BBQ’s that everyone was having! The Juices tasted great and I didn’t have any problems and never felt hungry. I feel great today just the kick start I needed Thanks

  3. Sara Daisi Murray
    5 out of 5

    Started the 3day detox on thursday. The juices are so tasty&filling havent felt hungry at all. My favourite is carrot gold. I feel really great not tired at all gives you a great energy boost. Highly recommend these juices. Roll on january till i start my next detox ☺

  4. Donna Mc Connell
    5 out of 5

    I tried the juices as I had been lacking in energy and I wanted a complete detox. Definitely gave me the energy boost I needed and I’ve also been sleeping better. Will definitely be doing the detox again and I would recommend them to anyone.

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