Cold Pressed Up Beet – Beetroot Juice 250ml (16 Pack)


Cold Pressed Up Beet – Beetroot Juice 16 x 250ml Juice Bottles

Drinking Beetroot juice can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, enhance blood flow, boost endurance and also get nutrients from a variety of vegetables such as broccoli and cucumber.

Order your Supply today – Batches of 16 x 250ml Bottles and these can be stored in your freezer.


UpBeet – Natural Beetroot Juice 250ml  


Beetroot can help extend endurance and improve performance

(16 Pack of 250ml Cold-Pressed Juices)

Give this magical potion a try. Have it before hitting the gym or right after a long, strenuous run. The wonder of this healing drink will benefit your body in multitudinous ways.

Beetroot has been gaining in popularity as a new super food. Recent studies claim that beets and juiced beetroot can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Drink the juice raw because the most beneficial substances (like betalains) are lost when cooked.

People try to compensate with multi-vitamins but if they drink juiced vegetables they will get the most nutrients. These nutrients are also better absorbed by the body. This UpBeet Juice contains – Beetroot – Broccoli – Apple – Cucumber – Celery – Pineapple!



The popularity of Beetroot has gained much commercial attention over the past few years. Medical studies and scientific research have often linked beetroot juice consumption with enhanced sports performance. Beetroot is an excellent source of nitrates which are converted to nitric oxide by the enzymes in our saliva. The process helps in enhancing blood flow and boosts endurance. It is also known to facilitate treating hypertension.

Nitric oxide (NO) is a powerful vasodilator and is commonly used in supplements to give bodybuilders the “pump” and help with endurance.

Nitrate in Beetroot can improve performance.. tests done on cyclists exhibited a 7-11% improvement in power output with no increase in oxygen cost of exercise.

If your workout includes a significant aerobic component, beetroot is a great supplement choice. Beetroot’s aerobic exercise benefits are well-documented and reliable, and even activity that mixes anaerobic and aerobic exercise – such as team sports – may get a significant boost.

The drink has especially been lauded for its DOMS beating properties. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a condition wherein the muscles get extremely sore and stiff after a strenuous and highly exerting activity. The juice is known to have alleviating effects on DOMS and also helps in speeding up the recovery process after a heavy workout.

Beetroot juice has traditionally been found to help improve endurance; it therefore works great as pre-workout drink too!


Storage of Juice Bottles

Please allow a few days notice for orders as all our products are made up fresh.

Our natural drinks with no additives or preservatives do perish after 4-5 days in nutritional value so we recommended freezing the 250ml bottles.

This allows you to store your 16 x 250ml UpBeet Supply and take one or two bottles from the freezer each day. This does not affect the nutrition or the taste of the product as we have this tried and tested. Just allow a few hours to defrost or place bottles in fridge overnight. Simple!



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