Turmeric Root Shot – 2 Month Supply

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Turmeric Root Shot – The Immune Boosting Frozen Shot

Taken daily these Turmeric Root Shots can improve management of joint pain and lower inflammation in the body.

There are many benefits of using Turmeric Daily

This Turmeric Root shot packs a punch of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory energy, immune boosting lemon containing Vitamin C and ginger which aids digestion.  These shots contain Turmeric Root, Ginger Root and Lemon, Black Pepper, Pineapple and cayenne pepper.

Curcumin – which is the key chemical compound found in turmeric, offers numerous health benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agents.

Ginger – Ginger supports healthy digestion and immunity. It has anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant compounds.

Lemon – Contains vitamin C and immune supportive properties to strengthen your immune system and cleanse your stomach.

Black Pepper – Black Pepper enhances the bio-availability of Turmeric and helps absorb it into the body.

Cayenne Pepper – The hotness in cayenne can help reduces inflammation, pain and supports the metabolism.


Noticeable benefits after only 3-4 weeks of taking these shots daily but some customers reported feeling benefits after 1 week. 

Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or on blood thinning medication.

These shots are supplied in a 8 weeks supply and are stored in your freezer.

4 reviews for Turmeric Root Shot – 2 Month Supply

  1. Bernie Farrell
    5 out of 5

    I’m in love with these Little Pots Of Sunshine!!! Just finished my first months supply of Turmeric Shots. My energy levels have risen and so has my mood. Fatigue usually sets in about 4pm. I am amazed at the fact that I now just feel tired NOT exhausted as I normally would. I love the taste and they have replaced my morning coffee. Fast delivery AND great customer service. Thanks Stephen, you are on to a winner here 🙂 Looking forward to my next delivery. Highly recommend 

  2. Edel O Neill
    5 out of 5

    I had suffered from lower back pain for many many years. started taking the turmeric root shots just over 2 weeks ago and by the 4th day I had no pain and remain pain free today. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. thank you Stephen and thanks for the fantastic service.

  3. Ann Ward
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    HI Stephen, just to let you know i am feeling the difference already did the Sligo Camino on sat (8 hours of a hike/walk) and not an ache or a pain after it. So pleased with it I”m putting in an order for my mother and her friend.

  4. Caroline Hamilton
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Hi Stephen.Im just nearly finished my 2nd week of the turmeric shots and I have to say I really feel they are helping me.I have a lot of illnesses ,fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue,depression,hypothyroidism,non alcoholic fatty liver disease to name but a few.I had been taking the product juice plus for about 8 months but didn’t feel any great benefit.My pain is much less already and I am starting to have more energy and my mood is better.
    Thanks Caroline.

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