So how does a Juice Cleanse work, and what does it entail?

So how does a Juice Cleanse work, and what does it entail?

Do you wake up feeling groggy each morning, no matter how much sleep you got the night before? Does your mind feel foggy and unfocused, causing you to reach for a cup of coffee multiple times a day? The stresses of everyday life, can catch up to us, leaving our bodies and minds vulnerable to toxins. We strongly believe that even a short, 3 day juice cleanse benefits the entire body and mind, clearing out unwanted toxins and rebooting your system. So how, exactly, does it work, and what does a juice cleanse entail? Let’s start with the basics.

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A juice cleanse is a powerful and effective way to kick your body’s natural detoxification organs into gear, helping them to flush away built up toxins and debris more efficiently. During a juice cleanse, you will consume only fruit and vegetable juices for three to five days. Of course, we always recommend consulting with a medical specialist before making any significant dietary changes, but generally speaking, a juice cleanse is extremely safe for the majority of people who are not elderly, pregnant, or suffering from a weakened immune system.

At Discover Juice we use the cold pressed method of juicing to ensure you receive all of the essential vitamins and minerals from the produce you consume. If you’re just starting out on your juicing journey, we recommend starting with a 3 day cleanse.

During a 3 day juice cleanse, you can expect to consume one cold pressed juice every 3-4 hours throughout the day. We also recommend drinking eight ounces of water with every juice, to help your system flush out excess toxins. While you will not consume any solid foods during a cleanse, our juice provides all of the essentials vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your body functioning optimally. You should steer clear of caffeine, alcohol and processed foods leading up to, during and after a cleanse for maximum results.

While enzymes normally need to pass through the digestive system and be broken down by the body before they become accessible, a juice cleanse allows the body to skip this step, so enzymes become readily available to pass directly through the bloodstream. They then attack pollutants, bad bacteria and waste, clearing out the body and allowing it to run efficiently.


If you’ve been feeling a bit more tired than you usually feel, or everyday foods are not agreeing with your body, a juice cleanse is an excellent way to give your digestive system a rest. Stress is often the culprit for issues like fatigue, acne, bloating, skin rashes, gas, and other ailments affecting a large portion of the population. Stress can cause inflammation, which leads to all kinds of health concerns, and a juice cleanse works by attacking inflammation-causing pollutants in the body. If a sneaky food allergy has been causing bloating and fatigue, a cleanse can reset your digestive system and clear up any bloating or inflammation. A juice cleanse benefits the digestive system by providing the body all of its essential nutrients already broken down, meaning that these nutrients are readily available for your body’s consumption.



By feeding the body readily-available nutrients in the form of cold pressed juice, the digestive system is allowed to rest and heal, while the rest of the body gets to work clearing out toxins. If you’ve suffered from brain fog, fatigue, skin rashes, bloating, or digestive issues, a juice cleanse can do wonders for you by allowing organs normally responsible for daily detox to work in overdrive to rid the body of toxins and heal inflammation. Think of a cleanse as a deep cleaning for your insides. Similar to how we cleanse and moisturise our bodies from the outside, the nutrients from a juice cleanse help rid “dirt” from our insides.

After just one day of flooding your body with nutrients and allowing your digestive system a break, you can expect to notice an increase in energy. This is due to the fact that your body is rapidly clearing out toxins, and is not taking in any new toxins through food, so the energy normally required to clear out these excess toxins is now available for you.

Many people also experience clearer skin, as skin issues caused by excess inflammation are calmed by the removal of toxins. After a cleanse, your body has extra energy to attack any toxins that could cause more inflammation and skin issues.

If that’s not enough, many cleansers also report improved sleep during and after a juice cleanse. This is due to the fact that your body does not need to work overtime to clear out excess toxins, so you can get back to a normal sleep cycle instead of lying in bed tossing and turning while your body works hard to clean up. The benefits of a deep, solid eight hours of sleep are innumerable, and only compounded by a nutrient-dense juice cleanse.

With extra energy stores available, now that your body doesn’t have to work so hard to detox itself, you can expect your mind to be sharper and your thinking to be clearer. Some people report feeling euphoric during a cleanse. Just like the body, the mind also needs to be clear of junk to perform properly. If the body is clean and running efficiently, the mind is free to do its best work.


While it’s clear that an a juice cleanse has numerous benefits for the mind and body, there are a few things you need to consider, the most important being your safety. If you are pregnant or nursing, elderly, or have a weakened immune system, you will need to seek medical clearance before any juice cleanse program.

That being said, you should also consider your schedule. While some people report feeling euphoric and energised during a cleanse, these feelings can differ from person to person, depending on how toxic your body was to begin with. If you are heavily loaded with toxins from a highly-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, you may feel very sluggish and experience intense cravings during the first day of a cleanse. Try cleansing on days that you do not have intense physical obligations and give yourself plenty of downtime to rest and rejuvenate.

Others experience an increase in brain fog before the storm clears, so keep this in mind during a cleanse. While it may seem difficult at first, once your body as time to heal, you will reap the benefits of your hard work.

Always be gentle with yourself during a cleanse. Don’t overdo it with strenuous mental and physical exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

Lastly, even before you start your cleanse, it’s important to prep for your post-cleanse diet. Coming off of a cleanse properly is extremely important, otherwise you can send your digestive system into overdrive. Make sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, and light, gentle foods like broth. When coming off your cleanse, consider introducing solid foods slowly, with a light smoothie or broth at first, before moving on to crisp or crunchy fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, even a 3 day juice cleanse is an excellent option for anyone looking to test the waters of the cleansing world and reap the benefits of a juice cleanse. We could all use a bit more rest and relaxation in our lives, and if you find that your stress levels are soaring and you’re just not feeling your best, that’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s time for a cleanse! Just remember to be gentle with yourself, and get in touch with our team at Discover Juice for any questions before, during or after your juice cleanse. Happy cleansing!

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