I do get asked what are the steps for long lasting weight loss… especially after a Juice Cleanse!


A Juice Cleanse does help you drop a load of weight fast, but in most individuals if they go back to their usual eating habits the weight will be back on again within 4-12 months.

I am a big fan of clean eating. Clean eating requires eating food that does not have an ingredient list. A large percentage should be plant based along with quality proteins. Dairy and grains should be minimised unless you are vegetarian.

Increasing protein will facilitate fat loss and of course, eliminating sugar and sugar substitutes will keep weight off permanently. Remember, alcohol is sugar. The more you avoid, the more you lose. Make sure you include these calories if you chose to imbibe.

Although I was not ever a fan, calorie counting seems to hold most people accountable and educate them as well. A great App is myfitnesspal. This is free and easy to use from your phone. It uses your height, weight and activity level to calculate your minimum and maximum caloric intake. Just enter in what you eat everyday and it breaks down the correct amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Drinking water (at least 60 ounces per day) will benefit everyone.

Muscle dictates metabolism. The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism becomes and therefore weight loss becomes easier. Working with weights for strength and core strengthening modalities (Yoga, Pilates) will serve you much more that cardio alone.

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